Frozen Caravels

by Equations

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released March 26, 2012

Equations are:

Bruno Martins - Vocals. Guitar.
Gonçalo Duarte - Synth. Guitar.
Vítor Barros - Guitar.
Zé Pedro - Drums.
Zézé - Bass.

Addicional vocals and drums by Ricardo Martins, Iuri Silva, Makoto Yagyu and Bráulio Amado.

Recorded at Black Sheep Studios in Sintra, Portugal between 2010 and 2011. All tracks produced by Makoto Yagyu, Fábio Jevelim and Equations. Drums tuning and recording aided by Chris Common.

Artwork by Bráulio Amado (

Spiritual Guidance by Bartholomew Faraday.

Lovers & Lollypops, 2012.



all rights reserved


Equations Porto, Portugal

"Hightower" out now!

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Track Name: Poseidon's
The question is sitting in the waiting room
The question was there
Putting days close to your ear, and so
I made my way to the sea with the intent
Of leaving boxes filled with wood, books and porcelain
Anchored, for my eyes to see
Trains are sleeping where they used to run
And that noise is coming from that quiet hotel,
Well I saw you there, you’re using rooms as blouses
I, revealed my secret
In the shores
Where we once
Had half the world
Track Name: The Hunter And The Oak
This is the smile of an hunter, holding keys,
Keeping letters blank, using his rifle as a cane
If only
There is nothing that binds my boots to the soft spring
There is nothing that binds my harpoons
There is nothing that binds my boots to the soft sping
Because everything in this house
Keeps on moving, wooden fingers try to hide my light
But this is not my last place
The Past comes in boxes
But the words that used to move us,
Now rest, if only, as if only, as if
The places that we know,
Try to hide from us,
As we point our minds to doubt
Our feet to rest
We will try to catch them, someday
Our minds to rest
Our eyes to sleep
I’ve got years to enjoy idleness
To watch and smile with a stained shirt
Like a wolf in the snow
If Only.
Track Name: Coronado
When I first met you there was a fire,
In your house
I drove my attention, to the crossroads of astonishing cities
Only daydreaming was on my travelling plans
You built a house, with paper fences and fragile roofs
You built a house, with paper fences and fragile roofs
With light hearts, you built a…
Now, I’m more easily seduced
by the colours of a pixelized portrait
When I first met you, there was a fire in your house
And a strange look in your (face)
The Orchestra with sirens and seagulls
The Orchestra with sirens and seagulls
Some time ago, Miss 11, Mister 36, joined, Miss 11
We still recognise, that freshness,
Words running, smiles showing, hair dancing…
Track Name: Joseph, The Gravedigger
I move the course of my writing to you now
In these odd times, could this new history erase us?
Will you let the cascade of iron and gunpowder enters in your room?
In my home, the smell never changes
Only when a new season is about to come, and I deeply used to enjoy it.
It was like, recovering the sense of smell.
But now, it’s changing for something already known
I feel like Edmond without persistence
Without, a knob to turn
I hope these words find you in good health
When the time comes
Will you let the sun, touch your skin again?
Or do you feel like a rusty bench which finds rest when the winter comes?
With lost time I create monuments with no names
Track Name: Running With Scissors
Blankets and sofas will dance
To the sound of the blues
In this room, In this room, with this groom
The Weddings are starting
The Stores are closing, and this,
Yellow spots reminds me of the taste of concrete
We are the spinning toupies, we are
We keep the spinning toupies, we are the spinning toupies
Will an April’s morning veil, bring boats of joy?
Will an April’s morning veil, bring boats?
A Stranger Arrives and brings misfortune, upon the chest wounded
Sing, Sing, Milady is Wearing Pearls, Pearls
The lion’s wound is fresh and messy
As the building is rising, her eyes are closing and some words were left behind
Silence leaves a mark, in room 46
Tired shoes are put to rest now
Are put to rest now
They are gone
Thieves, steal your dreams while sleeping,
Innocent pearls sink ships, sink ships
But you’re sleeping so tight
A loner, in morning sheets
Milady is wearing pearls
Track Name: Domovoi
You dress the words that you use
As if the tailor waited at your door
The time has come for you, to stay home
An audience composed by discoloured leaves and silhouettes of furniture
First, I took it for a shadow, but in that beard I’ve counted years of wisdom
Track Name: Hero Cities of the Soviet Union
Running through the fields, kissing the grass like a madman
That once wore the skin of heroes
But was defeated by the grey
Colossal grey
Take that red, and wash it away
Take that red, and wash it away
And in the iron arms of the unrest
I lost my travels through simplicity
I lost my time with vague smiles
I lost it
I lost it
I lost it
From our walls
From our walls
We can see the irony
In our lives
Touch my face
Touch my face
But leave the room
But leave the room
Take that red
That that red
And wash it once
Irony moved my life
From our walls, we can see
Track Name: Celestial Mechanics
I received your words with trembling hands
These riddles are now part of my routine
I also feel, the same lack of will to embrace this new story
To embrace this foundations
And to walk the streets calm and silent.
And the sun touches my skin everyday
Bring, bring, those riddles to the coffee table and serve them with tea
We will be to statues, watching life through the spectator view.
Track Name: Hulls Meet December
It rains in my
Silenced by
It rains in my
Silenced by
It rains in my mind
I, once heard a man telling tales for the stones
He caught her atention
I, once heard a man telling tales, for the stones
So my ears would follow
This fool’s imagination runs the newspapers of tomorrow
The billboards are changing, and i’m glad we are still here
Near this fountain, we’re forgotten hounds
Come for a drink
The smoke of factories
The fog of the night
They try to put me away
They try to pot us away
They try
They run